Danish Championship Final 31-10

Viborg Trial Club

Danish Championship final in Viborg Trial Club.

We invite all International riders to the danish final in Viborg 1200 m2 indoor arene. We can promice you a top level competition with Scandinavians best riders. Come and see why Scandinavia start to make good international results and ride with Jonas Kristiansen and Joakim Nymann + a lot of upcoming


The evens is 31 oktober, start at 12.00, 6 sectione, 3 rounds. All sections are indoor in dry conditions.

ClassesElite, A,B,C, girls and 5-10 years. You can as international rider ride where you fit in, you ride in the competition same conditions as the danish riders, you can win the trophy for the day, but do not get points in the national championship. We ride UCI rules.

The arena is as mentioned dry, but not heated so check the weather forecast for Denmark so you know the temperature before you arrive :0)

Burton in Viborg

Transport to Denmark:

Viborg is middle of Jutland, by car, just go straight up from Germany 2,5 hours from the border, are you going by plane go to Bilund, 1 hour  by car. Do you want us to pick you up in the airport, let us know.


The Trial Arena in the center of the city, you can walk to all you need in 5 minutes.

Pratice: If you want to go a day before to practice, there is plenty of room, we have 500m to another 800 m2 area heated area, and also a outdoor place. After the competition you can practice all evening, and the arena will be open sunday for the riders that want to practice.

We hope to see a lot of riders from all Europe, we assure you a good weekend.

Do you have any questions please ask,we want to help you so we can get the best competition with great riders in a good spirit. 

If you have plans to go, please let me know so we can make a competitor list below. Mail to trialaction@sport.dk

Abel Mustiles with young danish riders.

Future: To informe you we have just made the final agreement with Viborg city to make Europe biggest headed indoor Trial arena, combined with Parkour, bouldering, skate ….  3000 m2 with trials as a big part as we are the biggest club in Viborg. We have the buildings and got 3 million euro to make it paradise, this is not a joke :0)) Ready to use in 2 years from now.



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